SMILI Assistant


Most up-to-date documentation is available via the milxAssistant application within SMILI

The SMILI documentation is divided into five parts. Since SMILI consists of the GUI independent library milxSMILI and the GUI dependent library milxQt, the first two parts are related to these libraries. The relationship between the software layers can be seen in the block diagram below:

Layers Block Diagram

Each layer has an Image, Model and File object that interfaces with one layer below. This introduces only the relevant functionality as needed, while keeping it simple to comprehend and reducing code duplication. The GUI independent milxSMILI only has processing capabilities, while the milxQt layer introduces GUI elements to each type of data.

The third component is the user friendly application called sMILX and the forth component is the documentation for each major application in the SMILI suite. Lastly, the API documentation, which can be generated using doxygen. Choose the documentation you wish to view:
  1. milxSMILI - The documentation for user-interface independent library ideal for command-line applications.
  2. milxQt - The documentation for user-interface dependent library based on the Qt library ideal for GUI applications.
  3. sMILX - The documentation for the primary viewer application designed to be user friendly. This help is also available via the Help Contents within sMILX.
  4. Applications - user guides for the other applications available in SMILI.
  5. Application Programming Interface - the class and function documentation generated with Doxygen.